So I have gotten back into some of the things I cast aside for a long time…when I thought for a while that I was a straight up Atheist.

I’ve gotten back into my spiritual side a bit more. I picked up some tarot decks and oracle cards. A few select decks off Etsy, a few I found on Amazon.

Today I pulled an oracle card from the Viking Oracle deck (link to come if you are interested. Amazon Affiliates is down at the moment. Sigh.)

I asked what message the Gods have for me today. As I was shuffling, the card popped out at me. I always take this as “HERE! THIS ONE!”

I got #28 Fridgeard. (The spelling is butchered because I don’t have Nordic fonts here so…)

Reading the description in the booklet.

“`It is time to find refuge. We all need occasional respite from the chaos and pressure of the world around us. There is profound sanctity in the places that protect us. Silence is valuable, now. Secure both protection of your community and your own peace. Seek the action that will weave peace into the current situation.”

And with it is a little poem type deal.

In the quiet shade of the great tree,

I can lay down my sword,

and I can put down my shield.

As your strong shield arm is about me,

Here under your gaze all is well.

Woven into each stone and ray of sunshine

Is fridgeard,

And I claim peace.

I need to find a place of peace again. I had one for the longest time, but the property was sold. I supposed I could go talk to the new owner and see if he would be ok with me spending time on the property, as it was quite large…but it may just be easier to find a place closer and new. Either way, now more than ever, I need to find a place of peace.

Remember, there is more to life than paying bills and dying,

And I love you all.


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