Hey hey hey

I’m back. I took a little break for a bit because A: Stress and B: Broke. Lol.

Anyway, 2020 is around the corner and my self improvement continues. I have a small list of things I want to do.

  1. Eliminate debt. I have over $600 a month going out between car payment and credit card minimums. If that was not going out every month, I could easily afford a small house (if you consider the fact that my rent is $950/month). The debt needs to go.
  2. Get healthier. I took a break from the gym because of the holidays. Thanksgiving, then all the cookies and candy at work, then Christmas. Back at it next week.
  3. Continuing my therapy.
  4. Reading/listening to more books. I have been listening to a lot of self help books on Audible because I have time to do so while I work. A lot of my job is monotonous, repetitive tasks…so an audiobook in the background is great. I stop and take notes with my pocket notebook as well. It really helps.
  5. More outdoor time. I have a “bug out bag” with gear for camping and bushcraft. I need to USE it. More fishing as well. Leave my phone in the car and detach from society for a bit.

That is a basic list of things I would like to do in 2020. I still want to figure out my current hobbies as well. I don’t want to invest more into them, other than time. I need to stop spending money as soon as I have it. It comes from a scarcity mindset. Money literally burns a hole in my pocket.

We didn’t get our bonus at work BEFORE break like we usually do, and at first I was upset, but then it made me realize that I won’t blow it all on my shutdown time. When we get the bonus, I can spend a little of it (need to get my transmission fluid changed and the cats need a new cat tower) and put the rest away. I won’t buy one small thing here, one small thing there etc…until the bonus is gone, like I usually do.

And to start, I am not buying anything non-essential in January as well. It will allow me to get caught up, and possibly even squirrel some money away.

Anywho, remember,

There is more to life than paying bills and dying.